African Journal of Computing & ICT 

​​Vol. 1.  NO. 1.  June, 2008 

​Towards Structural Development in Africa Via Computing & ICTs. 
Dele Oluwade,

Expanding Nigerian Electronics Technology
John Mckee

Performance of a Turbo Coded Digital Communication System on Wireless Communication Channels
Adeyemi Abel Ajibesin,

Strategies for Enhancing Global Accessibility of Television Satellite Broadcasting and Multimedia Data Transmission
O.F.W. Onifade

Implementation of Computationally Efficient Algorithms for Multirate Digital Signal Processing Systems
N. Onwuchekwa & G.A. Chukwudebe
Vol. 1. No. 2. December 2008

On Set-Theoretic Fundamentals of System Integration
Adedeji Badru & O. Ibidapo-Obe

Computational Analysis of GSM Security Algorithm
O.C. Abikoye & Dele Oluwade

An Evaluation of Chidamber And Kemerer’s Lack of Cohesion In Method (Lcom) Metric Using Different Normalization Approaches
Ezekiel Okike and Adenike Osofisan

A Comparison of Fixed Cellular and GSM Telecommunication Networks
Oluyemisi Ajibose & Dele Oluwade

On Some Combinatorial Results of Collapse and Properties of Height in Full Transformation Semigroups
A.O. Adeniji & S.O. Makanjuola

Vol. 2. No 1 & 2 June-December, 2009

Industry Perception of the Software Inspection Process : Nigeria Software Industry As A Case Study
S.O. Akinola, A.O. Osofisan & B.O. Akinkunmi

An Enhanced LZW Text Compression Algorithm
Adeniyi Moronfolu & ‘Dele Oluwade

Face Image Processing, Analysis And Recognition Algorithms for Enhanced Optimal Face Recognition Systems Design:A Comparative Study
Vincent AndrewAkpan & Reginald R. A. O. Osakwe

A Performance Analysis of Delta and Huffman Compression Algorithms
A.O. Oke , O.A. Fakolujo & O.J. Emuoyibofarhe

Vol. 3. No. 1 & 2 June-December, 2010 ​​

Comparative Study of Some Popular Web Search Engines
Olalekan S. Akinola

The Galois Group Of The Chebyshev Polynomials Of The First Kind Of Prime Degree
Dele Oluwade

Patched Segmented Collocation Techniques for the Numerical Solution of Second Order Boundary Value Problems
O.A. Taiwo & A.K. Bello

A Note On The Algebra Of Qualitative Equivalence Of Ordinary Differential Equations
‘Dele Oluwade

Applications of System Thinking and System Dynamics Methodology to Sustainable Energy Planning
Olaniyi Titus Kehinde


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