African Journal of Computing & ICT 
A Publication of the Computer Chapter of the  Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nigeria Section
VOLUME - ​​​Vol 6, No. 3, Sept, 2013
An Intelligent Particle Swarm Optimization Model based on Multi-Agent System
N. V. Blamah, A. O. Adewumi, G. M. Wajiga & B. Y. Baha
Department of Computer Science, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria
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Optimum Downtilt Gain Correction and Performance Optimization of Wireless Communication Network in Built-up Terrains
Isabona. J and O.D Ojuh
Department of Basic Sciences, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria.
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OBCAMS: An Online Biometrics-based Class Attendance Management System
E. Adetiba, O. Iortim, A.T. Olajide & R. Awoseyin. 
Department of Electrical and Information Engineering,  Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria
Covenant University, College of Science and Technology,
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Artificial Intelligent Advisory System for PC Purchasing
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​Bakpo, F. S.
Department of Computer Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

Application of First-Order Logic In Knowledge Based Systems
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Ayorinde I.T. & Akinkunmi B.O.
Computer Science Department, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Discriminating DDoS Attack traffic from Flash Crowds on Internet Threat Monitors (ITM) Using Entropy variations
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​K.Munivara Prasad, A.Rama Mohan Reddy & K Venugopal Rao
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, JNTUH, Hyderabad

Performance Evaluation of Openflow Vlan Strategy in Data Center Switched Ethernet
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Udeze Chidiebele .C, Okafor Kennedy .C, C. C. Okezie, & Okeke Obinna N.
R& D Department, Electronics Development Institute, (FMST-NASENI), Awka, Nigeria.

Secure Sum Algorithm In Horizontally Partitioned Databases
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Raghvendra Kumar
School of Computer Engineering, L.N.C.T College, Jabalpur, M.P. India

A survey of existing platforms and content providers for National Research and Education Network (NREN) tools for possible adoption in Nigeria
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S.C. Echezona & H. C. Inyiama
Computer Science Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Lowering Ground Bounce Noise in Tri-Mode MTCMOS Circuits with Threshold Voltage Tuning
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Bipin Kumar Verma and Shyam Akashe
​Research Scholar, ITM University, Gwalior, India

Risk Detection in E-Commerce Using Markov Decision Process
S. Kile & F.S. Bakpo​​
Department of Computer Science, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. ​
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Use of Mobile Communication Technology (MCT) in Creation of Sense of Collaboration /networking among Technology Teachers in Nigeria.
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Onwusuru I.M, Uka C.S & Ajuzie U.C
Electronics Development Institute, Awka, Nigeria

Masking Release for Igbo and English
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Deborah U. Ebem , Joseph G. Desloge, Charlotte M. Reed , Louis D. Braida & Joy O.Uguru
Department of Computer Science,University of Nigeria, Nsukka.​​
eFactfinder- An Intelligent Search System for Web Semantic Document Topic Clustering
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Ejiofor C. I. Williams E. E. & Nwachukwu E.O.
University of Port-Harcourt, River State, Nigeria.

Kerberos: A Review of the Modification in Versions 4-To-5 Transition.
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A.B. Andrew
Internet & Wireless Computing, Department of Electronics. York University, UK.

SMART IDS: An Enhanced Network Security Model in IP-MPLS Based Virtual Private Network
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​Okafor Kennedy .C, Okezie C. C, Udeze Chidiebele .C & Okwuelu Nnaemeka
Electronics and Computer Engineering Department, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.​​

Utilization factors of Mobile Communication Technology (MCT) for Creating Opportunities for Reflection and Collegiality for Professional Development
Purpose of Technology Teachers in Anambra State of Nigeria
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Onwusuru I.M, Uka C.S & Udeze, C.C. ​​
Electronics Development Institute, Awka, Nigeria​

Interface Trap Analysis using Charge Pump Profiling Techniques in Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistor
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Awanit Sharmaa, Shyam Akashe
Research Scholar, ITM, Gwalior, India

On the Development of a Two-Pass Statistical Approach for Filtering Advance Fee Fraud Electonic Mails. 

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Atagbua Grace & Longe O.B 
Department of Computer Science
Kogi State College of Education,  Kogi State, Nigeria.