African Journal of Computing & ICTs
A Publication of the Computer Chapter of the  Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nigeria Section
​Vol 6. No. 5, December, 2013

Algorithms for Verifying Variants of Boolean Algebra Equations and Expressions
O.E. Oguike
Department of Computer Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

Beyond E-Mail Headers - An Ethnographic-based Model for Counteracting Socially Engineered Cyber Deception
P. Danquah, O.D. Ogunsanwo & Longe, O.B.
IT Infrastructure and Engineering, University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana

EWiSECS: A Wireless Keypad Security Communication Design for Enterprise Organizations Using Embedded Design Framework
C.M. Nwafor, K.C. Okafor, S.E Mbonu & I.M. Onwusuru
Electronics Development, Institute, (FMST-NASENI), Awka, Nigeria

Power Consumption and Energy Efficiency Of 802.11 Network Devices
Asuquo, P. M., Edet, E. and Akpabio, I. K.
Department of Computer Engineering, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria

SmartGreen: A Novel Green Computing Architecture for Environmental Data Acquisition in IT/Automation DataCenter
K.C. Okafor & O.V. Okoro, F.N. Ugwoke, C.C. Udeze & M. Akura
Electronic Development Institute, ELDI-NASENI, Awka-Nigeria

Solar Satellite: A Green Energy Infrastructure for Power Challenged Environments, a Case for Solar Cell I-V Behaviour
K.C. Okafor, C.O. Onwusuru, I.M. Onwusuru & I.C. Okoro
Electronics Development Institute, Awka National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, (Nigeria)

Remote Control of Home Appliances Using Mobile Phone: A Polymorphous Based System
Onukwugha, C. G. and Asagba, P. O. (Ph.D)
Department of Computer Science, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Development of Statistics and Convolution as Tools for Image Noise Suppression: Statistical Performance Analysis of Spatial Filters
A. R. Zubair (Ph.D), Member, IEEE and O. A. Fakolujo (Ph.D), Member, IEEE
Electrical /Electronic Engineering Department, University of Ibadan Ibadan, Nigeria.

Design of A Simple and Low-Cost Microcontroller Based Medicare Device for Heart Beat Monitoring
E, M. Dogo, F.Sado & S.M. Adah
Department of Computer Engineering, Federal University Technology, Minna, Nigeria.

Security Management of Infrastructure as a Service in Cloud Computing
B.O. Lawal, C. Ogude & K.K.A. Abdullah
Computer Science Department, Olabisi Onabanjo University Consult, Ibadan, Nigeria

Formal Model and Analysis Of Multi-Agent Framework for Supply Chain Management
Rahman, M. Alade , Enikuomehin & A.Oluwatoyin
Department of Computer Science, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria​​
Quick Prototyping of Real Time Monitoring System Using Proteus Development Tool: a Case for Self Diagnostic Traffic Light System
P.I. Okwu, E.S. Mbonu, C.G. Ezekwe & U.C. Ajuzie
Electronics Development Institute, Awka
National agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI)

Concept Extraction in Multimedia using Semantic Algorithms Coupled with User’s Profile
J.C Onuoha & A.B.C Robert
Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Issues in the use of Mobile Communication Technology in Establishing Database for Mentoring of Technology Teachers inAnambra State of Nigeria
I.M. Onwusuru, I.M, K.C. Okafor, E.S. Mbonu & C.M. Nwafor
Electronics Development Institute, Awka, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, Nigeria.

An Integrated System For Detection And Identification Of Spambot With Action Session And Length Frequency
I. Adegbola, R.G. Jimoh & O.B. Longe 
Department of Computer Science, Emannuel Alayande College of Education, Lanlate Campus, Oyo State, Nigeria

Evaluating Program Design Methodologies: A Qualitative Survey Approach
P. O. Asagba
Department of Computer Science,University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Deploying Security-Aware Software Systems Using Source Code Vulnerabilities Analysis
J.N. Obidinnu & O.S. Duke
Department of Computer Science, Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Nigeria

Ontology Engineering in Yorùbá Cultural Heritage Domain
J.A. Hassan, O.A. Odéjóbí, B.A. Ògúnfolákàn .& Akínsolá Adéjùwón
Computer Center, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria

A Comparative Study of Sorting Algorithms
D.R. Aremu, O.O. Adesina, O.E. Makinde, O. Ajibola & O.O. Agbo-Ajala
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences
University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

An Assessment of the Availability of ICT Tools in Research Institutes in Nigeria 
O.A. Lawal, T.O.A. Banmeke, O.A. Ojesanmi & A.A. Adeniran
Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

A Novel Security Integration For Vulnerability Avoidance In Enterprise Cloud Applications (CloudERP)
K.C. Okafor, C.M. Nwafor, F.N. Ugwoke & C.C. Udeze
Electronics Development Institute (FMST-NASENI), Awka, Nigeria

User Centered Design in Brain Computer Interface using a Combined Electroencephalogram and Magneto Encephalogram Data
O. Enikuomehin
Dept. of Computer Science, Lagos State University, Ojoo, Lagos State, Nigeria